The World's fastest self propelled hydraulic boat lift trailer specializing in the haul out of catamarans, monohulls, and sailboats.

Sea Lift

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    Posted on Nov 30, 2010

    The Safe, Fast Way to Move Boats on Land


                In the demanding marine repair and storage business, business operators need a machine that can quickly reach a vessel's location and rapidly lift and move it. Sounds like a simple task, but it's not one just any machine can accomplish. 

                The KMI Sea-Lift makes the job easy, because it's the only boat lift in the world that uses adjustable pressure air bunks, which gently support a vessel from beneath the hull where it is strongest.

                KMI Sea-Lift, a division of Krause Manufacturing, engineers diesel-powered hydraulic trailers that are tailored to the marine repair and storage industry.

                "The Sea-Lift is very advanced and more versatile than any other system in operation," said Wade Koning, Sea-Lift sales manager. "Haul-out of a large boat is usually accomplished in less than 60 seconds.  Additionally, no machine is better suited for handling of catamarans."

                KMI's patented center hinge enables the Sea-Lift to pick up watercraft during lower tides and in shallower waters while holding the boat almost level on the ramp. Adjustable air bunks support the length of the hull eliminating most of the potential issues that can occur with sling lifts, including chine damage, engine misalignment, damage to under-hull fittings and strap marks.

                Once underway, the Sea-Lift travels at an amazing 5mph to its destination, requiring just one lane of a typical road. "This speed also allows yard and storage facilities to be located a great distance from more expensive waterfront property," Koning said.

                The versatile Sea-Lift easily accommodates most hull types, including catamarans and sailboats, without any special equipment. Vessels can be set down within inches of each other maximizing space and revenue.


    Pacific Marine Center

                Based on Fidalgo Bay in Anacortes, Wash., Pacific Marine Center is a popular destination for boaters in the picturesque San Juan Islands and Puget Sound, and for good reason. It offers a full complement of yacht services, including dry-land storage of yachts up to 60 feet long. It's management boasts more than 50 years of combined experience in the marine industry in a variety of disciplines.

                Although ramp and hardstand construction remain underway, Pacific Marine Center, has begun haul-out services with their newly acquired Model 30 Sea-Lift. Boasting vast amounts of sheltered and outdoor space, Pacific Marine Center is the latest operator to base its operations around the advantages the Sea-Lift provides.

                "When we started looking for a submersible hauler, our main goal was to make optimum use of our dry-land storage yard, increase efficiency and decrease our labor costs," said Bill Filip, Pacific Marine Center operations manager. "We looked at several models of submersible boat haulers, but KMI Sea-Lift gave us the flexibility we were looking for to gently move, haul out, and set down our customers' boats in our yard without transfers."

                Pacific Marine Center is currently building a new launch and haul out ramp, and a 350-foot-by-14-foot service dock, to better accommodate its customers.

                "We are also looking to purchase another KMI Sea-Lift hauler, either their 45-ton or 75-ton model in the near future to accommodate our customers with larger boats," said Filip. "KMI Sea-Lift has been great to work with and the service follow up has been phenomenal."


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