The World's fastest self propelled hydraulic boat lift trailer specializing in the haul out of catamarans, monohulls, and sailboats.

Sea Lift


What types of boats can the Sea-Lift carry?
Most hull shapes including catamarans, sailboats, displacement hulls, planing hulls, and flat bottom craft.
Where is the Sea-Lift manufactured?
In Bellingham, Washington, USA by Krause Manufacturing Inc.
What is the largest Sea-Lift?
The Model 75 (150,000 lbs lift capacity) is currently the largest Sea-Lift. Future plans call for the development of Sea-Lifts with even greater capabilities.
How safe are Sea-Lifts?
In all years of operation, there have been no injury accidents. The machine is designed with safety in mind and with remote control operation, the operator has the ability to walk around the machine while it is moving. All lift cylinders are equipped with stop lock valves eliminating the possibility of load bearing failure.
Are spare parts easy to find?
Most of the Sea-Lift is made from off-the-shelf parts which are easily available. If there is a problem, we will be glad to assist.
What is the warranty period?
Twelve (12) months on any items produced by Krause Manufacturing, Inc. Other parts carry the manufacturer’s warranty.
How high can the Sea-Lift raise a boat?
New models have a distance of 16 feet / 5 meters from the highest point of the air-bunk to the ground. Great for keeled vessels!
How is the engine protected when going deep to pick up or launch a sailboat?
The engine is mounted at the same height well above the water height.
How will the machine hold up in salt water exposure?
A three coat process is utilized for long term corrosion control and weather-ability in harsh marine environments. The process and paints are used heavily in offshore oil platforms and saltwater environments. It consists of a zinc based primer, siloxane coating, and epoxy top coat.
How long has the Sea-Lift in the video been in operation?
The oldest and most seen is over six years old and has more than 3000 hours on the engine.
How about maintenance?
Suggested maintenance is 12 to 15 hours per month based on usage. If used in saltwater, a quick, freshwater wash-down should be done at the end of each day or preferably following each submersion.
How is the machine propelled?
A diesel engine operates a two-speed, hydro-static drive.
Do you have any repeat customers?
Yes. North Harbor Diesel and Yacht Sales in Anacortes, Washington now has a Model 45 Sea-Lift, delivered in November 2006, to compliment their model 30 unit. **UPDATE** North Harbor has also acquired a third Sea-Lift (Model 30) to further enhance the capabilities of their operations.
What is patented on the KMI Sea-Lift?
Currently the center hinge that allows for holding the boat level while transiting the ramp. It also enables launches and recovery during lower tides and on ramps with lesser slope. There are many patents pending on the entire system.
Why are there solid, rubber tires on the open end of the Sea-Lift?
The majority of the weight is carried on these tires, which are actually used commonly in the mining industry. They last indefinitely.
How do you block the boat or set on hardstand with the Sea-Lift?
Blocking is accomplished by lowering the vessel on blocks to support the keel, while supporting with jack stands in the rear, opposite the Sea-Lift drive unit. The Sea-Lift then lowers completely and exits. Additional jack stands are then placed along the vessel for support. A video of this blocking sequence is available in the multimedia gallery.
I don't see an answer to my question in your FAQ's.
Please email us via the contact form with your question and we will respond to you with an answer in a timely manner.
Where is the closest Sea-Lift in operation to my location?
Please email us via the contact form for a complete customer reference list including locations and customer contact details.