The World's fastest self propelled hydraulic boat lift trailer specializing in the haul out of catamarans, monohulls, and sailboats.

Sea Lift

Versatile: The KMI Sea-Lift is the most versatile machine of its type in the world, capable of safely carrying most hull types including catamarans, displacement, flat, sailboats and planing.
Fastest in the world: In less than 60 seconds, the Sea-Lift can have boats lifted and out of the water! See video.
Increases Revenues: Because the Sea-Lift is able to place boats within inches of each other, not feet, revenues are increased.
Maneuverable: Steering drive wheels turn 180 degrees for outstanding maneuverability and safety.
Shape Conforming Air-Bunk Support: This unique feature actually carries the vessel on air!
Lifts higher: Sea-Lifts are able to lift a boat up to 16 feet or nearly 5 meters above the ground. With the locking hydraulics, this also allows for easy pressure washing and quick under-hull work.
Patented Center Hinge: The patented center hinge allows for launches and hauls in shallower water.

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We recently purchased one of your model 45 lifts back in february of this year which, we had Kenny & Mike assemble from your facility.  I thought I'd drop you a...


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Amazing 60 Second Haulout!

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