The World's fastest self propelled hydraulic boat lift trailer specializing in the haul out of catamarans, monohulls, and sailboats.

Sea Lift


Sea-Lift Model 45


Frame: Tube steel and structural members
Paint: A three step coat process is utilized for long term corrosion control and weatherability in harsh marine environments
Drive Wheels: Tires are Industrial 14.00-24.28 ply mounted on 12 bolt heavy-duty industrial wheels
Idler Wheels: Setco solid rubber wheel
Drive Pump: Linde heavy-duty series hydraulic hydrostatic pump
Lift Pump: Parker hydraulic pressure compensated flow control
Wheel Motors: Linde heavy-duty series piston hydraulic motors
Drive Hubs: Fairfield hydraulic pressure compensated flow control
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 60 Gallons
Diesel Fuel Capacity: 50 Gallons
Brake System: Hydrostatic on drive wheels with blocking valve
Travel Speed: Variable to 5mph or 8kmh
Remote Hydraulic Controls: Wireless
Lift Cylinders : Stainless steel rods and built in counterbalance valves
Steering: Slew gear drive


Self leveling operator's platform
Air bunks to carry vessels at approximately 10 psi
Air cushined fenders to center boat on approach
Vertically articulating center joint to launch boat in shallow tides
Hydro-static drive enables completely variable speed
Operates on standard boat ramp
180 degree steering with Tru-Trac
Remote controlled operation of all functions from operator carried belly pack